Primary services to meet your forestry needs.

Timber Purchasing

Our staff of friendly professional forester’s price wood daily to multiple markets to maximize return for our clients. We strategically price wood in accordance with mill inventory trends that continuously provide some of the highest returns attainable. A phone call or email facilitates an inspection from us that gives you the landowner all the necessary tools to make the best forestry decision to achieve your personal objectives. Whether its intense financial return or cosmetic we provide you with the tools that allows you to be as involved as you desire in determining your timber future.

Forest Management

“Even a genius without a plan can look foolish.”  When dealing with timber investments and returns that can be substantial. It’s of high importance you the landowner become educated to achieve the desired objective you’ve chosen. Whether its advanced silviculture or maintaining the old home place you need a forest management plan. We provide that plan and education to our clients. Management plans are tangible. Something that you can refer to that provides a guideline on harvesting, expected returns, and products we are growing. Management plans are likened to a “living document” as time progresses and forestry practices are implemented changes are made that gives you the tools to better understand how we are achieving your objective.  Give us a call and let us start you with a solid management plan that pays dividends upon implementation.

Certified Logging Producers

Here at ATR we only use licensed certified PLM loggers. These logging producers have been educated on State Best Management Practices, Environmental Standards, Endangered Species and Government Regulations. Each helps protect your resource and create a safe pathway to harvest and replant in accordance with all State and Federal Regulations that can be overwhelming for landowners.

Fiber Supply Production

ATR maintains Certified Logging producers that understand the process and protocol to supply raw materials to end users under Fiber Supply Agreements. Many companies exist that own land as investments for stockholder’s and private companies. Often these holdings have supply agreements that require end using facilities to purchase this wood. We currently produce wood for those companies and historically have for most that exist in the Southeast. We appreciate each of you and welcome any new opportunities that exist to assist.

Site Preparation and Planting

Being a “complete” service provider company from “seedling to stump” we often assist our clients in reforestation. We maintain a healthy list of service providers that facilitate each phase involved. Upon removing of all timber on a tract we acquire the best contractors at the most reasonable rate then manage the complete process as a service. It can become expensive to replant because of a poor planting job. Call us and we will assist to minimize the possibility of having a bad experience.